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Why do earrings and rings discolor and stain our skin?

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It usually happens to buy rings or earrings , from a famous clothing chain. Exceptional design, but often after wearing them for a while they start to fade. Not only that, they also leave the skin stained with a black halo. Or for the earrings , creating a strange greenish patina. Don't worry, it's not an allergy to nickel or other components. It's just a chemical reaction.

Exactly, this strange effect is caused by the interaction of our sweat with the material of our jewelry . In fact, it means that our jewelry will have a high percentage of copper in the alloy from which it is made. Sometimes it's just an effect of our natural pH interacting with various materials.

This phenomenon is more visible in earrings and rings precisely because they remain in direct contact with the skin for a long time. If we think about bracelets or watches, for example, they move more frequently, so it is difficult to see the effects.

In contact with the skin, copper releases a kind of salt that discolors jewelry , staining the skin. If we realize that almost all the jewelry we have has this effect, the solution is to buy steel jewelry . In fact, stainless steel is stainless. So, in contact with sweat, it does not react. You can also buy 925 sterling silver jewelry , which contains low amounts of copper, if you want something more expensive.

In the meantime, to remedy the discoloration, you can try cleaning the jewelry with a lemon and water solution, or with baking soda. But often it will not go back to the way it was before. The only thing we can do with our favorite ring is to apply a layer of transparent enamel on the inside. In this way, this part in contact with the skin will be protected from the enamel and will no longer discolor. Avoiding those unsightly halos on the fingers.

And that is why earrings and rings discolor and stain our skin. And we know how to fix it, at least in part. So that we can show off our fashion jewelry without any problem.

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